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Ken Capobianco - Independent Writer for Multiple Publications

2018 Review of Sara Wheeler's new CD - release date TBD 2018

New music from veteran folk/pop singer-songwriter, Sara Wheeler, is always worth the wait, and a few songs from her recent collaboration with her former band mate, producer Toby May, finds Wheeler in superb form. The advance track, “Fall,” is one of her best songs to date—a beautifully arranged ballad featuring a deeply felt, emotionally true vocal from Wheeler. The song deftly blends her folk and pop influences with richly romantic yet unsentimental lyrics and a subtle, cascading chorus that proves undeniable. As with all of Wheeler’s work, the song soars thanks to her remarkably expressive voice and keen sense of melody. When she sings, “Yes, I fall down/down this rabbit hole” as the track resolves, you’re willing to blindly take the plunge with her to see just what she will find. The tender piano ballad, “Life,” is a beautiful affirmation and “Storm,” confident yet vulnerable, clearly reveal Wheeler at the height of her powers and hint that this collaboration with May will yield something very special. 

Dr Greg Arnold (from Things of Stone and Wood)  Author of "What was I Thinking? Inside the Production of an Acoustic Pop Album"  APRA Songwriter of the Year.

"Back Roads" is a warm folk-pop evocation of something we all want. Let's disappear into the sunset. No rush. Let's take the backroads. Sonically, producer Toby May brings the shimmer and Sara Wheeler brings a carefree mood of summery longing. It is immediate, harmonically appealing and charming. I'm looking forward to hearing the album.   

Billboard – Ken Capobianco
"Sara Wheeler is such a remarkable talent. She has a lovely lilting voice; she writes complex, textured songs; and she is an accomplished guitarist and pianist... She's able to inject an intensity to each vocal turn (especially on songs that push the emotional envelope)...without being overwrought or overly sentimental."

Boston Globe – Steve Morse
"Wheeler is a caringly sensitive singer/guitarist who recalls the more mesmerizing side of John Martyn."

The Boston Tab
"She writes tunes that are emotionally honest and artful-not an easy balance to maintain. Boston has produced many women artists who have gone on to major labels or who have been able to sustain long careers. Wheeler is the next in line."
"There are some singer-songwriters that take some time to catch your ear and there are some who immediately grab you by the shoulders and say, "Listen up." Among the latter is local artist Sara Wheeler."

Taylor Guitars
"Trying to resist the ethereal allure of Sara Wheeler's luminous pop-rock would be like the oceans trying to escape their lunar pull."

What's On – Alan Cackett
"Brilliantly arranged, produced and mixed, this is music that speaks to the heart from an enlightened songwriter. Sara's sound is contagious folk/rock ... "

Singer Magazine
"...Sara's music is more than just simple melodies and poetic verses. Her songs are deeply captivating. You can't just have her music on the background. You're pulled into it. Each song is well crafted to deliver a story or message, yet it's veiled delicately by her talented guitar work and vocal style."

Country Music International – Adrian Cooke
"Sara Wheeler is one of the most exciting, riveting and original singer-songwriters of recent years."
"Wheeler, with her first British live show, proved why she is one of the most exciting, riveting and original singer-songwriters of recent years. She has great stage charisma, coming off as a person as much as a singer."

Metronome – Douglas Sloan
"She has tremendous vocal facility and can whisper with casual command or bellow with remarkable dexterity. Either way, you are immediately affected by her powerful allure... After listening to this uplifting piece of work by Sara Wheeler, I come away feeling I know her. Or is it just the remarkable similarities to a young and upcoming Carly Simon that Sara so reminds me of?"

European Press

La Liberte
"Nouveau Monde-La chanteuse-guitariste American, sacree (espoir du folk-rock) dans son pays, fait une escale a Fribourg dans le cadre de sa tournee europeenne. On la situe a tort ou a raison entre Jewel pour les ballades et Suzanne Vega pour ses morceaux plus emportes."

" chanteuse qui tourne intensivement aux Etats-Unis, au Japan et en Europe. Farouchement independante, Sara Wheeler refuse les appels de pied de certains producteurs, preferant rester fidele a son label American Machspeed Records. De retour au Nouveau Monde, elle presentera ce soir son tout nouvel album, Summer, un recueil de chansons a l'humeur balladesque, entre folk-rock et pop melodique."

Der Toggenburger
"Sara Wheeler und ihre Band uberzeugten mit einem satten Sound und mitreissenden Songs. Die Premiere der Konzertstatte Balik Music Farm ist uberaus gelungen. In Zukunft sollen viermal jahrlich an dieser Statte Konzerte stattfinden."

Fete De L'espoir
"Talentuese et belle comme le jour, accompagnee par des musiciens qui le sont tout autant, la voix de Sara Wheeler a illumine l'edition 1999. Comme elle repassait dans notre region, nous lui avons demande de se joindre a nous cette annee encore. Elle a accepte et nous en sommes combles, car cela nous donnera sans doute l'occasin de decouvrir ses nouvelles chansons."

Casa a Chocs
"La jeune Americaine Sara Wheeler vient distiller son folk-rock sur la scene de la Case a chocs. Auteur-compositeur-interprete, elle a conquis son public avec ses chansons tendance Suzanne Vega ou Sinead O'Connors."

Ecouter Boris Senff
"Il n'y aurait rien d'etonnant a ce que la voix de Sara Wheeler ait connu ses premiers transports sous la voute d'une eglise, tant elle charrie d'elevation angelique et de soyeuse purete. Parions sur une petite eglise du Michigan, puisque la demoiselle du folk vient de la region."