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Sara Wheeler Blog

Summer 2018 

It is summer June 29th 2018 and I am trying hard to get back into my creative life. Some of you only know me as a singer/songwriter but for a while now I have been running a music education company in Boston that I founded around the time my daughter was born. I wrote all the songs and curriculum for the program Little Groove LLC! www.babywiggle.com

There is always so much to do and definitely not enough time. I spend most of my days designing new ideas for the program and coming up some good ideas and some crazy ones. I design all our web sites and am the front person for the company....and it has really grown... so much that I can not keep up by myself, so I work with a great group of people who have become my good friends and also guide me in decision making. I could not do it without them!

When I am not running the company, I am riding my bike off road and on road. I thought I would get a new road bike this summer, but I have decided that the reason I really love biking is because of where it can take you off road and I love the unpredictability of the woods and riding over obstacles. I also like being out in nature and having time to process my day. My office is wherever I am at the moment, so sometimes I need to answer the phone while I ride my bike. I usually pull over! :-) Sometimes I do work by the lake after stopping for a break. I even ride my bike in the winter as long as the temp is above 25 degrees. I recently started doing some personal training and I love that too...  Skiing and biking have more in common than I realized before. I have always loved skiing for the same reasons I like to bike. When you ski, you have to be in the moment and when you hit ice or a bump, I have learned to navigate and fly right over those obstacles. I taught my kids how to ski and I aways tell them that if you hit ice don't turn... go right over it. I grew up skiing because we had a cottage that my family built a block from a ski resort in Michigan and even though I am sure I complained that we had to ski every weekend, it is one of the great gifts that my dad gave me. He took us out west a few times when I was younger and really taught us how to ski anything. I did not get to ski very much this winter.... but anyway it does remind me of biking. I like the feeling of moving fast through the air and at the same time being completely focussed.

A few other things to know about me. I never watch TV and Movies. Maybe a few here and there. If I get any free time, I am usually creating something on piano, guitar or off in nature or coming up with the next idea for something that I want to make or do.

This past spring I was recording in Switzerland with Toby May! Chris Drew and Ivan Sokoloff also added some tracks on my songs. I am returning there in late July and hope to finish the CD recording. Toby is definitely like family to me. I met him when he was around 19 years old and I have watched him grow up.... His new music is amazing and we think a lot alike when it comes to music. He is definitely like a brother to me!! This trip will be super focussed on finishing the recording and then I am making a quick stop over in London to visit my favorite Buddhist Monk. I know it is not very buddhist to have a favorite Buddhist Monk, but I do and I met him the first time I went to London. Basically the first time I went over there I thought I was going to be traveling to Ghana, but I ran out of money really quickly. I was always interested in eastern philosophies so found myself sitting on the steps of the Buddhist society in London and they told me about a temple north of the city. I took a bus there and stayed there two weeks. (That is a story for another time.) But basically after my stay north someone told me about a solo monk who had a house in the middle of Battersea Park.... so I went there and the Monk was leaving just as I arrived and gave me the keys to his home, told me to feed the buddha his tea in the morning and left for a few weeks. So there I was alone and in the middle of the park by myself. His trust in me was amazing and I will never forget that. We became fast friends. I went back to London many times after that playing shows and sometimes I would take him grocery shopping or out to dinner. The best time I ever had with him was when he went to hear me play at the 12 Bar Club in London. I am excited to see him again. It has been a long time and he is one of those people who is very important to me. He recently sent me an email with an awesome picture of him on the steps of the pagoda with dogs from the park. If I get a chance I will post it.

But this time I am promising some new music really soon! I have about 30 new songs to choose from and we are recording ten. I am playing a show in Boston on Sunday July 15th at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge MA. We will plan a tour sometime after the new CD is out. 

My biggest shift this past year has been getting back to all the things I really love and making enough time for me so they can happen. So my advice to anyone who is not happy or just on the fence of happiness... find your core and what is really important to you... then get to work. Bye for now... but I definitely promise more stories and more to come.....

Jan. 2018 update 

I am excited to get back to my creativity. I have lots of new songs that we are in the process of recording. We are also scheduling some live shows for 2018! Check back here for updates on our progress. We will be posting some live in the studio recordings.

Update on CD and summer shows. 

We are still working on our new CD! We will give all our fans a sneak peak soon. We are playing some  fun outdoor festivals this summer. Visit our tour page to learn where we will be. Hope to see you at a show this summer!
Sara xo

New CD on the way 

Sara Wheeler is currently working with drummer/singer-songwriter and guitarist Tommy Dempsey. The live collaboration has a raw acoustic sound with Sara on piano, guitar and trumpet and both Tommy and Sara on vocals. They are in the studio recording their next CD right now and also working on some new videos to support the album. Check back here soon for updates.